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Welcome to a virtual tour of the facilities at Interglobe Genetics. We take the utmost care in providing a clean, safe facility that helps your animals perform
at their best level. You can be guaranteed that while at Interglobe, your bulls will be safe and comfortable in our facilities.
The Interglobe business office and laboratory are shown in this picture.
The Interglobe staff provides dependable, professional service to customers
by offering semen storage, shipping, AI supplies, and more.
This is our main barn for housing and collection. As you can see,
bulls have the convenience of a covered stall and many have
outside runs. This gives animals shelter from the weather but
also allows them to be outside in a natural environment.
These factors help your bull stay in top condition while at Interglobe.
The international and CSS barns house 24 bulls for collection to
various countries including the European Community, Australia, Canada,
Mexico, and New Zealand.
The round barn at Interglobe Genetics has become a symbol of the business.
The barn is used as overflow housing during busy times of the year. It was built
in 1918 and is on the list of National Historic Sites. It is one of the few barns
of it’s kind left in the country.
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