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Please contact us for your shipping needs!

Shipping rates vary depending on your destination. All shipping orders have a $30 handling fee. If you need semen or embryos shipped, call early to ensure availability. We ship 5 days a week using UPS and Spee-Dee. Call for more information.

We ask that you fill out the semen release form each time semen is transferred or sold. This form also applies for all shipments, no exceptions. You can e-mail, Fax or mail the for to us at anytime. There are additional charges for phone releases.

PLEASE NOTE: Interglobe Genetics assumes no liability as to the declared value on units of semen. Interglobe Genetics will handle, store and ship all semen with the the utmost care and concern but will be held harmless for any and all loss or damage that may occur when semen is handled, stored or shipped. It is the responsibility of the owner of the semen to maintain/request insurance to cover loss or damage as described above.
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